Thursday, 29 December 2016

Winnie Nwagi and 'how to satisfy your partner' top Uganda's google trend list

Outside Donald Trump, Winnie Nwagi was one of the most-searched topics online in Uganda in 2016.

The Uganda recording vocal goddess is number five in the top ten topics searched about by Ugandans online in 2016.

Best known for her award winning 2016 single Musawo, Winnie "Nakanwagi" Nwagi was the second runner-up in season two of "CocaCola Rated Next" in 2014. Her music career blossomed after her 2014 when she released songs Embeera, Katono Katono, Gwenoonya, Kyowulila and Musawo.

The top 10 top general trending searches in Uganda for 2016 include "Trump", "Jobs for fresh graduates in Uganda 2016", while the top 'HOW TO' searches, include "How to attract money", "How to satisfy your partner in bed", "How to make a woman happy", "How to wear leggings on wedge sneakers".

Google publishes its global list each year along with trends from different countries, offering insights into the interests of internet users around the globe.

In Kenya, among the top 'HOW TO' health searches include, How to lose weight fast, How to get a flat stomach, How to calculate my pregnancy

General Trending Searches (Uganda)  
1 Donald Trump
2 Euro 2016
3 Leicester City
4 Paul Pogba
5 Winnie Nwagi
6 Pro soccer predictions
7 Amplified Bible
8 Lakers news
9 Jobs for fresh graduates in Uganda 2016
10 Papa Wemba

Trending "How To" Searches (Uganda)
 1) How to achieve your goals for the day
2) How to attract money
3) How to satisfy your partner in bed
4) How to make a woman happy
5) How to wear leggings on wedge sneakers
6) How to lay down a new born baby
7) How to design a website
8) How to promote football talent in primary schools
9) How to use the ovulation test
10) How to register to vote

One of Nwagi's latest (audio):


Kenya trends

General Trending Searches
 1) Euro 2016
 2) Donald Trump
 3) Olympic Games 2016
 4) Jacob Juma
 5) Muhammad Ali
 6) Hillary Clinton
 7) Diana Chelele
 8) Lucy Kibaki
 9) Project X
 10) Achieng' Abura

Trending "How To" Health Searches
 1) How to lose weight fast
 2) How to get a flat stomach
 3) How to calculate my pregnancy
 4) How to stop smelly feet
 5) How to lower blood pressure
 6) How to treat itchy eyes
 7) How to calculate safe days
 8) How to cure tonsils
 9) How to gain weight in one day
 10) How to treat stomach ulcers

Trending "How To" Searches
 1) How to lose weight fast
 2) How to create a blog
 3) How to keep natural hair soft
 4) How to save money
 5) How to bleach skin professionally
 6) How to chat with girls
 7) How to get a flat stomach
 8) How to treat a burn at home
 9) How to answer interview questions
 10) How to use colored bulbs for interior decor

Trending "What Is" Searches
 1) What is happening in Aleppo?
 2) What is going on in Ethiopia?
 3) What is the meaning of red heart?
 4) What is devolution?
 5) What is candidiasis?
 6) What is nausea?
 7) What is halitosis?
 8) What is pdf?
 9) What is detox?
 10) What is Halloween?

Trending Events
 1) Olympic Games
 2) US election
 3) Brexit
 4) UEFA Euro 2016
 5) Uganda elections
 6) Holi Festival
 7) Kericho by-election
 8) Bob Collymore wedding
 9) Ramadan 2016
 10) Huruma tragedy

World trends

According to Google's global trends report released Wednesday, the augmented reality game from Nintendo was the most-searched item online in 2016.

Trump was number three among the most-searched topics for the year, behind the iPhone 7 and ahead of rock icon Prince, who died in April.

But Trump topped the list of the most-searched people for the year, ahead of his campaign rival Hillary Clinton, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, Trump's wife Melania and gold medal gymnast Simone Biles, Google said.

The top news item searched on Google was the US election, followed by the Olympic Games in Rio, Brexit, the deadly nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida and the Zika virus.

In consumer technology, the iPhone 7 topped the search list, while number two was Freedom 251 -- the smartphone offered for sale in India for 251 rupees, or less than $4.

In global sports events, internet users searched most for the Olympics, followed by the baseball World Series, the Tour de France, Wimbledon and the Australian Open tennis tournament.


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