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FULL transcript of Donald Trump 'America First' speech

@TIME: Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump outlined an “America first” foreign policy approach in what was billed as a major address at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C.

CLICK Here is a full transcript of the speech via @TIME

A copy BELOW:

Happy 92nd birthday the one and only KK - KENNETH KAUNDA

The whole world simply called him KK. What followed was the KK XI, the "KK tears" and the white KK handkerchiefs. He these days refers to himself as "an old man who fought the Boers."

I am talking about Kenneth David Kaunda, who according to one court ruling in the 90s, was a Malawian national who ruled Zambia!

Zambian politics took a dramatic turn in 1996 when they suddenly adopted a new constitution which required that both parents of any presidential candidate be Zambian by birth.

It was an obvious move by Frederick Chiluba to disqualify Kaunda from running in the 1996 elections (Kaunda’s citizenship was later on reviewed by the courts, but finally confirmed in 1999).

Kaunda, whose parents were Malawian, was born in Zambia on 28 April 1924 and served as the first President of Zambia, from 1964 to 1991.

Front-line states

The highlight of his political career was his role in the FRONTLINE states that battled for the liberation and independence of South Africa, and the other neighboring African states

The Southern African Front-line States of Angola, Botswana, Mozambique,
Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe were led by Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere.

The then leaders of the Front Line States, Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere (left), Mozambique’s Samora Moises Machel, Botswana’s Quett Masire, Angola’s Eduardo dos Santos and Zambia’s Kenneth Kaunda spearheaded the decolonisation of Southern Africa.

African Frontline leaders met often, as seen in PHOTO ABOVE at a conference in Lusaka Zambia - Sam Nujoma, Kenneth Kaunda, Samora Machel, Julius Nyerere, Robert Mugabe and Jose E. dos Santos.

They were a club of true friends, and included Uganda's Apollo Milton Obote who later lived in exile in Tanzania and Zambia, and Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya.

Mandela burial

Fast forward to to the 21st century, where Kaunda is in old age, and whose basic work is an ambassador for his country.

It is a role he played well when the world gathered to bid farewell to the Great Mandela. Despite being 89 then, he "sprinted" to the podium.

When he got there, he did not mince his words when he gave a vote of thanks as the whole world watched live on TV. He spoke about the non-Christian laws enforced by the 'boer' leaders of the apartheid era.

Laughter was heard when he referred to the apartheid-era National Party, led by FW De Klerk, as the "Boer" party.

Naturally, his address ran over time. ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa tried to signal to him to wrap up but Kaunda got the audience giggling when he protested, accusing him of "trying to control an old man who fought the Boers".

Earlier, he said: "I had a chance to meet a number of friends of the Boer company. I spent three nights with ([former prime minister John) Vorster on a train (stationed on the railway bridge over Victoria Falls, which separates Zambia and Zimbabwe)." 

"I asked the prime minister to please release Nelson Mandela and his colleagues and come together in discussions. It came to nothing."

"Then came another Boer leader -- I think he was called Botha -- to discuss the future of South Africa together. I didn't succeed and it also came to nothing."

"Then came my meeting with FW de Klerk... and, after a few hours, I called a press conference where I said: 'I think I can do business with this man'. Thank goodness he released this great man."
Kaunda quoted from the Bible and ended his speech by saying "Amen".

Famous quotes

KAUNDA: The power which establishes a state is violence; the power which maintains it is violence; the power which eventually overthrows it is violence.

KAUNDA: The inability of those in power to still the voices of their own consciences is the great force leading to change.

KAUNDA: When you go in search of honey you must expect to be stung by bees.

The KK brand

A quick reminder about the KK brand.

There was the KK XI. The Zambian national team simply called the KK XI, inspired by him, and played to great heights coming close to World Cup qualification before the entire team, save for Kalusha Bwalya, was wiped out in a plane crash in 1993.

There was the KK Tears.  Many in Kenya who think VP William Ruto is a "cry baby", never hear of the father of Zambian independence Kaunda. Whenever he got emotional as he addressed the nation, he simply cried.

There was the handkerchiefs. He always had with him white handkerchiefs, like the kind that the Spanish football fans wave to tell someone his time is over. These he used to dab his eyes after KK tears.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The full twitter story as Machar returned home

ALL THE TWEETS: South Sudan’s rebel chief Riek Machar finally returned to Juba on Tuesday April 26, 2016 and was sworn in as vice-president of the world’s newest country, calling for “unity” after more than two years of ferocious civil war.

Monday, 25 April 2016

10K FOLLOWERS: What twitter analytics says about @jadwong

Looked at a quick summary while I was 9 short of hitting 10,000 followers - interesting data for last 28 days.


Tweets down by 11%
Tweet impressions down 41%
Visits to my profile down 23%
Mentions down 42%
Followers up by record 591

TOP TWEET that earned 5,748 impressions #SomeoneTellHerrods

TOP MENTION EARNING 556 engangments was Ofwono Opondo shot of cooking ahead of NRM Celebrations

MY TOP FOLLOWER Ben Landis, entrepreneur, songwriter followed by 2.53 million people (and I only realised today that he was following when looking at this data - eh!!)

TOP MEDIA TWEET earned 2,977 impressions.... NRM to celebrate -- finally

Where the tweeps following are based:
70% Uganda
9% Kenya
4% USA
3% UK
1% Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Burundi, Tanzania and UAE

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Northern Corridor Integration Projects summit in Kampala agrees to develop two pipeline routes

13TH SUMMIT PHOTO: Photos via @UrugwiroVillage @KagutaMuseveni
@PresidentKE @micoh 
President Museveni opens 13th NCIP Summit

SATURDAY, April 23, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: the 13th Summit of the Northern Corridor Integration Projects (NCIP) has agreed to the building of two Oil pipe lines  - to Tanga and to Lamu.

“If puppies are young, you don’t know which one will be a better hunter, so you feed all of them and when they grow you see which one emerges the best hunter,” host president Yoweri Museveni told the summit.

Uganda foreign minister Sam Kutesa however told AFP that most of Uganda's oil will pass through Tanzania.

The Joint Communique stated that:

"On Oil Refinery Development, the Summit welcomed the decision by United Republic of Tanzania to invest in the shareholding of the Uganda Oil refinery project."

"On Crude Oil Pipeline, the Summit agreed that two crude oil pipelines from Lokichar to Lamu and another from Hoima to Tanga will be developed by Kenya and Uganda respectively.

In a final communique, the summit directed on 15 issues of interest:
  1. Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) Development
  2. ICT Infrastructure Development
  3. Oil Refinery Development
  4. Crude Oil Pipeline
  5. Political Federation
  6. Project Financing
  7. Power Generation, Transmission and Interconnectivity
  8. Air Space Management
  9. Human Resource Capacity Building
  10. Commodities Exchange
  11. Land for the Infrastructure Corridor
  12. Immigration, Tourism, Trade, Labour and Services
  13. Single Customs Territory (SCT)
  14. Defence, Peace and Security Cooperation
  15. Private Sector

FULL communique will be posted shortly.


Oil Pipeline on the agenda

Uganda hosts the 13th Summit of the Northern Corridor Integration Projects today.

The three presidents, Yoweri Museveni, Paul Kagame and Uhuru Kenyatta are expected to state their agreed position today on the building of a pipeline from western Uganda to the Indian Ocean coast.

Reports indicate the route Hoima to Tanzania’s Tanga Port is going to be agreed on instead of Hoima-kichar-Lamu direction through Kenya.

Uganda and Kenya officials have been in talks in the past fortnight, reviewing the outcomes of fact finding missions on the economic viability of all oil pipeline routes, one backed by a Gulf Interstate Engineering study and French giant Total and the other supported by the Toyota Tsusho feasibility study backed by Tullow Oil Plc.

Kagame arrives for the summit today

Museveni and Kagame in brief talks today

Kenyatta leaves for Kampala

Kenyatta in Kampala, talks to Museveni

Here is a LIVE feed from the summit

Ugandan ace Miya gets first goal in Belgium soccer league

Miya celebrates his goal last night
Farouk Miya, who has struggled with injury since moving to Standard Liege in Belgium in February, netted his first goal last night in a 4-1 win over Mouscron-Péruwelz.

The Ugandan striker put his side level, after going behind early in the fourth of six play-off games for mid-table teams in the ongoing Belgium soccer league.


Miya became the first Ugandan player to make it to the top Belgium League, when he was handed the number 15 jersey on February 19, 2016 (click here for story). He then made his debut on March 13, a week before lifting his first trophy, the Belgium Cup (click here for story).

Cranes coach Micho Milutin Sredojević was excited, tweeting, "After months of acclimatisation and fanatic hard work, it finally happens! Farouk Miya scored his first professional goal for Standard. Mashalaah"

Play-off results so far

Sun 03/04/16
Waasland-Beveren 0 - 1 Standard Liège
Sun 10/04/16
Standard Liège 1 - 1 Kortrijk
Sun 17/04/16
Mouscron-Péruwelz 2 - 0 Standard Liège
Fri 22/04/16
Standard Liège 4 - 1 Mouscron-Péruwelz

Sat 30/04/16
Kortrijk vs Standard Liège
Standard Liège vs Waasland-Beveren

# Team              MP W D L F A D Pts
1 Standard Liège       4 2 1 1 6 4 +2 7 Kortrijk                3 1 2 0 4 3 +1 5
3 Mouscron-Péruwelz    4 1 2 1 3 4 -1 5
4 Waasland-Beveren     3 0 1 2 2 4 -2 1

Tweets hailing Miya

Friday, 22 April 2016

Kenya celebrates rugby team's historic Singapore 7s win

LINE OUT: Uhuru Kenyatta being taken through the basics of
rugby Thursday at State House

Uhuru Kenyatta Thursday hosted the Kenya Sevens Rugby Team on their remarkable win against Fiji at the Singapore Sevens Cup rugby finals - their first overall win on the World Rugby Sevens circuit.

The Kenyan President tried out some rugby ..........

Monday, 18 April 2016

Kiprop starts well but fades badly, finishes 14th in Boston Marathon


Ugandan long-distance ace Jackson Kiprop finished 14th in the Boston Marathon on Monday, a disappointing result given that he was in the leading pack for most of the first one and a half hours of the race.

Kiprop clocked 2:24:44, far from his previous best time of  2:09:32 (Mumbai, 2013) and details are still being awaited to explain why he faded in the final half of the race. Kiprop brings home $1,700 for his 14th place effort, while another Ugandan Harbert Okuti, followed him, in 2:24:46 to win $1,500.

It was a clean sweep for Ethiopians Lemi Berhanu Hayle and Atsede Baysa (photograph above) who run away with top prize of $150,000 each. 

Hayle won the men's race in  2hr 12min 44sec.

Name                             Country     PRIZE MONEY

  1. Lemi Berhanu Hayle (ETH), 2:12:45, $150,000
  2. Lelisa Desisa (ETH),            2:13:32, $75,000
  3. Yemane Tsegaye (ETH),     2:14:02, $40,000
  4. Wesley Korir (KEN),           2:14:05, $25,000
  5. Paul Lonyangata (KEN),     2:15:45, $15,000
  6. Sammy Kitwara (KEN),      2:16:43, $12,000
  7. Stephen Chebogut (KEN),  2:16:52, $9,000
  8. Abdi Nageeye (NED),        2:18:05, $7,400
  9. Getu Feleke (ETH),            2:18:46, $5,700
  10. Zachary Hine (USA),         2:21:37, $4,200
  11. Cutbert Nyasango (ZIM),   2:22:02, $2,600
  12. Tsegaye Mekonnen (ETH), 2:22:21, $2,100
  13. Ian Burrell (USA),             2:22:22, $1,800
  14. Jackson Kiprop (UGA),        2:24:44, $1,700
  15. Harbert Okuti (UGA),         2:24:46, $1,500
  16. Solonei Da Silva (BRA),      2:24:54
  17. Clint Wells (USA),              2:24:55
  18. Nori Kamijo (JPN),             2:25:31
  19. Shingo Igarashi (JPN),         2:26:24


BOSTON: Kiprop battling to cement Olympic marathon place, eyes $150,000 prize

Marathon ace Jackson Kiprop, 29, could cement his place on the Ugandan team to the Rio Olympics today. He is currently battling in the world’s oldest – and possibly most famous marathon in Boston.

Since qualifying started in January 2015,  six Ugandans are in contention for four places on the Rio team. 

“We will pick the best depending on performance,” Uganda athletics chief Dominic Etuchet, told me early this year. 

Those in contention are Olympic champion Stephen Kiprotich who has run 2:07:46 & 2:06:33 and 2:06:33 in the Tokyo marathon, Alex Chesakit has run 2:13:06, Solomon Mutai 2:10:42, Kiprop 2:15:16, Abraham Kiplimo has a best time of 2:09:23 in 2014 and Moses Kipsiro clocked 2:15:48 on Sunday.

Kiprop has a previous best of 2:09:32 (Mumbai, 2013)

Related story: Kiprop finishes 14th in Hamburg

The 120th Boston Marathon elite list.

Men's elite field
Country Personal best
Geoffrey Mutai Kenya 2:03:02 (Boston, 2011)
Sammy Kitwara Kenya 2:04:28 (Chicago, 2014)
Tsegaye MekonnenEthiopia 2:04:32 (Dubai, 2014)
Lelisa Desisa Ethiopia 2:04:45 (Dubai, 2013)
Yemane Tsegay Ethiopia 2:04:48 (Rotterdam, 2012)
Getu Feleke Ethiopia 2:04:50 (Rotterdam, 2012)
Wilson Chebet Kenya 2:05:27 (Rotterdam, 2011)
Hayle Berhanu Ethiopia 2:05:28 (Dubai, 2015)
Chebogut Kenya 2:05:52 (Eindhoven, 2015)
Deribe Robi Ethiopia 2:05:58 (Eindhoven, 2015)
Wesley Korir Kenya 2:06:13 (Chicago, 2012)
Michael Kipyego Kenya 2:06:48 (Eindhoven, 2011)
Paul Lonyangata Kenya 2:07:14 (Shanghai, 2015)
Jackson Kiprop Uganda 2:09:32 (Mumbai, 2013)
Nyasango Zimbabwe 2:09:52 (Prague, 2014)
Abdi Nageeye Netherlands 2:10:24 (Amsterdam, 2015)
El Hissouf Morocco 2:10:35 (Seoul, 2015)
Da Silva Brazil 2:11:32 (Padova, 2011)
Chipangama Zambia 2:11:35 (Duluth, 2015)
Ian Burrell USA 2:13:26 (Houston, 2014)
Girma Mecheso USA Debut; HM 1:02:16 (Houston, 2015)

Boston Marathon start today.

PRIZE MONEY According to BAA org, the total prize money distributed among the top finishers of the 120th Boston Marathon will be $830,500, plus an additional $220,000 if records are broken in the open, masters, or push rim wheelchair divisions. As principal sponsor, John Hancock provided the first ever prize money and bonus awards in 1986 and continues that tradition. The top finishers have received over $18.1 million in prize money and course-record bonuses over the past 30 years. See complete breakdown of the 2016 prize purse.

1 $150,000           $150,000  
2 75,000                75,000  
3 40,000            40,000  
4 25,000            25,000  
5 15,000            15,000  
6 12,000            12,000  
7 9,000            9,000  
8 7,400            7,400  
9 5,700            5,700  
10 4,200            4,200  
11 2,600            2,600  
12 2,100            2,100  
13 1,800            1,800  
14 1,700            1,700  
15 1,500            1,500  
TOTAL $706,000


Sunday, 17 April 2016

ATHLETICS: Moses Kipsiro shines in marathon debut but on waiting list for Rio Olympics

Kipsiro had an impressive marathon debut in 
Hamburg today . FILE PHOTO

Long distance ace Moses Kipsiro clocked an outstanding time of 2:15:48 as he finished 14th in his first marathon in Hamburg today, but it may not be enough to earn him a place on Uganda’s Olympic team to Rio.

Other than Olympic Champion Stephen Kiprotich, four other Ugandans have beaten the qualifying mark of 2:19:00, and have actually run faster than Kipsiro. Uganda will enter a strong team of four runners in the Rio Olympics Marathon.

The other marathoners in contention are Jackson Kiprop, Solomon Mutai, bronze medalist at last year’s World Championships in Beijing, Alex Chesakit, and 2014 Commonwealth games bronze medalist Abraham Kiplimo 2:12.23.

Hamburg 2016

The start of the Hamburg Marathon today where 
Uganda's Kipsiro finished 14th

Today’s Hamburg marathon was won by Ethiopia’s Tesfaye Abera in 2 hours 06:58 minutes followed by Kenya's Philemon Rono in 2:07:20.  

Ethiopia’s Meselech Melkamu dominated the women's race and broke the course record by more than two minutes. Melkamu beat fellow Ethiopian Meseret Hailu by nearly five minutes, finishing in 2:21:55.

Tight race for Uganda Marathon places

Kiprotich and Mutai favourities  

“We will pick the best depending on performance,” Uganda athletics chief Dominic Etuchet, told me early this year. That may already be decided now, with qualifying closing July 11, 2016 and the Boston Marathon April 18 being one of the last races giving an opportunity to qualify.

Since qualifying started in January 2015, Kiprotich has run 2:07:46 and 2:06:33 in the Tokyo marathon, Chesakit has run 2:13:06, Kiprotich 2:06:33, Mutai 2:10:42, Kiprop 2:15:16 and Kiplimo has a best time of 2:09:23 in 2014.

Boston Marathon (Watch live here)

The world’s oldest – and possibly most famous – marathon will not feature some of the sport’s top runners for the simple reason: It’s an Olympic year.

Uganda's Jackson Kiprop, is however listed among the elite runners. Kiprop will seek to cement a place on the Uganda team to the Rio Olympics.

Kiprop has a previous best of 2:09:32 (Mumbai, 2013)

The 120th Boston Marathon will be held on April 18.

Men's elite field Country                      Personal best
Geoffrey Mutai Kenya 2:03:02 (Boston, 2011)
Sammy Kitwara Kenya 2:04:28 (Chicago, 2014)
Tsegaye MekonnenEthiopia 2:04:32 (Dubai, 2014)
Lelisa Desisa Ethiopia 2:04:45 (Dubai, 2013)
Yemane Tsegay Ethiopia 2:04:48 (Rotterdam, 2012)
Getu Feleke Ethiopia 2:04:50 (Rotterdam, 2012)
Wilson Chebet Kenya 2:05:27 (Rotterdam, 2011)
Hayle Berhanu Ethiopia 2:05:28 (Dubai, 2015)
Chebogut Kenya 2:05:52 (Eindhoven, 2015)
Deribe Robi Ethiopia 2:05:58 (Eindhoven, 2015)
Wesley Korir Kenya 2:06:13 (Chicago, 2012)
Michael Kipyego Kenya 2:06:48 (Eindhoven, 2011)
Paul Lonyangata Kenya 2:07:14 (Shanghai, 2015)
Jackson Kiprop Uganda 2:09:32 (Mumbai, 2013)
Nyasango Zimbabwe 2:09:52 (Prague, 2014)
Abdi Nageeye Netherlands 2:10:24 (Amsterdam, 2015)
El Hissouf Morocco 2:10:35 (Seoul, 2015)
Da Silva Brazil 2:11:32 (Padova, 2011)
Chipangama Zambia 2:11:35 (Duluth, 2015)
Ian Burrell USA 2:13:26 (Houston, 2014)

Girma Mecheso USA Debut; HM 1:02:16 (Houston, 2015)

Other track events

The other Ugandans who have so far hit the qualifying mark for the Olympics are Adero Nyakesi in the women’s marathon, Joshua Cheptegei and Tim Toroitich in the 10,000m, Phillip Kipyeko in the 5,000m and Ronald Musagala in the 1500.

Uganda's track and field team at the last Olympics in London was the biggest (11 out of 15), and Etuchet said it is likely to be bigger this time due to the stiff competition in long distance races.

Kiprotich's gold in London 2012, was the first Olympic medal since Davis Kamoga’s bronze in 1992 and one of only two gold Uganda has won at the games. The first gold was by Akii Bua in 1972, one of only 7 medals Uganda has won at Olympics track and field.