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TODAY IN HISTORY: "I think we will have a change in government soon" January 24, 1986

From today to Feb 8, I will run daily down-memory excerpts as the National Resistance Army (now UPDF) marks the anniversary of their capture of power in Uganda.

Events in the run-up to January 26, 1986. The Nairobi Peace Deal 
in 1985 above and
NRA and govt troops on the battle field (below)

Here is the report by the LOS ANGELES TIMES, reporting events of Friday, January 24 1986

Fall of Kampala Reported Near as Troops Fight House to House |United Press International

KAMPALA, Uganda — Rebel forces seized control of parts of the capital Friday in fierce house-to-house fighting with government troops, and Western diplomats said Kampala is on the brink of falling to the insurgents.

"I think we will have a change in government soon," one diplomat said.

By nightfall, the National Resistance Army guerrillas had managed to silence the transmitters of Radio Uganda--the East African country's national radio--but failed to dislodge all government units in the downtown area after a full day of fighting.

The National Resistance Army is a 10,000-man guerrilla force led by former Ugandan Defense Minister Yoweri Museveni.

Diplomats and residents said casualties are believed to number in the hundreds. All of the Americans living in Kampala are thought to be safe, a spokesman for the U.S. Embassy said.

"The city has been broken up into zones of influence, you could say," said one Western diplomat, who asked not to be identified. "Right now, no one is in control of the entire town."

 Fall of Kampala Near as Troops Fight. Radio #Uganda switched off! 

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