Wednesday, 30 March 2016

#MujjeTulumbe: Simple maths. Uganda needs 2 wins from 2 games

Group D          P W D L F A Pts

B. Faso           4   2   1 1 3 1  7

Uganda           4   2  1 1 3 1   7

Botswana        4   2  0 2 3 4   6

Comoros         4   1  0 3 2 5   3

There is little mathematics in this. An analysis of all the groups and standings in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers, shows Uganda's best chance of making it to Gabon 2017 is by wining both their final games.

The thirteen group winners will qualify automatically for the final tournament, while two runners-up among four-team groups with the best records will also qualify.

If Cranes beat Comoros and Botswana, which Micho must now prepare to do, they will either top the group or get one of two places reserved for the best runners up. (CLICK here for brilliant presentation by AFRICAN FOOTBALL COM of AFCON details)

Wikipedia graphic

Even that, the best runners up race, is tight and Uganda is currently ranked 4th best. 

An analysis of the remaining matches shows many of the top runners up still have to play their group leaders, which increases Uganda Cranes' chances.

You might notice I have not mentioned Burkina Faso in my story. Yes, we can do this without worrying about what they are up to.

LIVE: What everyone said about the match, on the pitch and off it (click here)

Photos via @bukeddeonline and @Soloestee

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