Thursday, 12 May 2016

Entebbe Road closed to public, this is what happened next....

The journey from Kampala to Entebbe usually takes one hour. With the new Express Way being built, it will take less than 45 minutes.

But with Entebbe hosting Ugandan’s main airport, residents close to the highway have gotten used to occasional inconveniences whenever “Very Important Persons” have made a grand entry into the country, or when the country hosts big occasions.

Wednesday marked yet another low for everyone living next to the Entebbe Highway. A day or two earlier, it was announced that most of the highway will be closed for security and convenience purposes Wednesday-Thursday-Friday.

The announcement also came out with what government officials thought was an elaborate plan to divert traffic.  All it did was expose a complete lack of coordination by all the related agencies, absence of feeder and alternative routes worth talking about  – there was NO PLAN. 

Here is what happened next....

This is what had been promised

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