Thursday, 5 May 2016

#OMF16: The informal sector "An Invisible Force With Visible Impact" in Uganda

The Informal Sector was the focus of the 9th Uganda Revenue Authority Open Minds Forum #OMF16 Thursday May 5, 2016 in Kampala.

It was revealed at the forum that while close to 80% of Uganda's workforce is in the informal sector, their percentage contribution to the country's revenue is below par.

According to Uganda Bureau of Statistics 2014 figures, the informal sector employs 70-80% of the labour force, yet is estimated to contribute just 52.4% of Gross Domestic Product. 

Andrew Rugasira, proprietor of Good African Coffee, was the 9th Forum's keynote speaker (SEE HIS FULL PRESENTATION AT BOTTOM) and helped stir  several points of discussion with the audience on how best to convert the informal sector into partners with the Uganda Revenue Authority.

The debate got heated at times. Rugasira's wise words were that the conversation should "change starts with a conversation," as was happening at the forum. 

URA's CG Akol makes a presentation before Rugasira's keynote address (top)

Over the past year, URA has courted the informal sector through, among others, sensitizations on tax. These engagements have occurred in Kampala, the East, North, West Nile and Western Uganda. 

Additionally, last year’s taxpayer appreciation awards dubbed Omugano Gwa URA, targeted the informal sector.  Indeed, some recipients of awards were players in the informal sector.  

URA has also established an office close to Kikuubo, a busy trading hub where hundreds of sector players are involved in flourishing businesses.

Panelists were Dr. Joseph Muvawala Executive Director National Planning Authority and Private Sector Foundation Uganda Executive Director, Gideon Badagawa.

Other speakers were Kampala City Traders Association chairman, Evaristo Kayondo and the proprietor of Kazaire Health Products, Edward Kazaire.



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  1. This a great way of interaction with our tax body. Big up URA