Sunday, 27 August 2017

I am 19, with 31 years' experience!

Well, I thought I would keep it a secret. We planned a small family do Saturday – a day after D-Day August 25……but family and friends had other ideas. From a family photo-shoot at John Lubia’s I-Love studio, it was supposed to be a one or two hour drink and an early return home….…..well it started that way, until I was told we change tables from inside Royal Suites to outside…….And there they were waiting to burst me….. I was caught flatfooted so to say! And the conspirators? Mbidde, Kulubya, Kaggwa, Walter, Odedo; My Bako – Ronnie, Daudi and Nakke, Sylvia and Joan; My siblings - Wilbrod and Liz, John-Mary and Freda, Big Mark and Esther, Small Mark and Annette;….. and the three (5) musketeers Love Lydia, Dr Liliane, Betty as well as Judith & Allan …….mwebale nnyo for the friendship. #LouisAT50

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