Monday, 25 April 2016

10K FOLLOWERS: What twitter analytics says about @jadwong

Looked at a quick summary while I was 9 short of hitting 10,000 followers - interesting data for last 28 days.


Tweets down by 11%
Tweet impressions down 41%
Visits to my profile down 23%
Mentions down 42%
Followers up by record 591

TOP TWEET that earned 5,748 impressions #SomeoneTellHerrods

TOP MENTION EARNING 556 engangments was Ofwono Opondo shot of cooking ahead of NRM Celebrations

MY TOP FOLLOWER Ben Landis, entrepreneur, songwriter followed by 2.53 million people (and I only realised today that he was following when looking at this data - eh!!)

TOP MEDIA TWEET earned 2,977 impressions.... NRM to celebrate -- finally

Where the tweeps following are based:
70% Uganda
9% Kenya
4% USA
3% UK
1% Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Burundi, Tanzania and UAE


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