Saturday, 23 April 2016

Northern Corridor Integration Projects summit in Kampala agrees to develop two pipeline routes

13TH SUMMIT PHOTO: Photos via @UrugwiroVillage @KagutaMuseveni
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President Museveni opens 13th NCIP Summit

SATURDAY, April 23, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: the 13th Summit of the Northern Corridor Integration Projects (NCIP) has agreed to the building of two Oil pipe lines  - to Tanga and to Lamu.

“If puppies are young, you don’t know which one will be a better hunter, so you feed all of them and when they grow you see which one emerges the best hunter,” host president Yoweri Museveni told the summit.

Uganda foreign minister Sam Kutesa however told AFP that most of Uganda's oil will pass through Tanzania.

The Joint Communique stated that:

"On Oil Refinery Development, the Summit welcomed the decision by United Republic of Tanzania to invest in the shareholding of the Uganda Oil refinery project."

"On Crude Oil Pipeline, the Summit agreed that two crude oil pipelines from Lokichar to Lamu and another from Hoima to Tanga will be developed by Kenya and Uganda respectively.

In a final communique, the summit directed on 15 issues of interest:
  1. Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) Development
  2. ICT Infrastructure Development
  3. Oil Refinery Development
  4. Crude Oil Pipeline
  5. Political Federation
  6. Project Financing
  7. Power Generation, Transmission and Interconnectivity
  8. Air Space Management
  9. Human Resource Capacity Building
  10. Commodities Exchange
  11. Land for the Infrastructure Corridor
  12. Immigration, Tourism, Trade, Labour and Services
  13. Single Customs Territory (SCT)
  14. Defence, Peace and Security Cooperation
  15. Private Sector

FULL communique will be posted shortly.


Oil Pipeline on the agenda

Uganda hosts the 13th Summit of the Northern Corridor Integration Projects today.

The three presidents, Yoweri Museveni, Paul Kagame and Uhuru Kenyatta are expected to state their agreed position today on the building of a pipeline from western Uganda to the Indian Ocean coast.

Reports indicate the route Hoima to Tanzania’s Tanga Port is going to be agreed on instead of Hoima-kichar-Lamu direction through Kenya.

Uganda and Kenya officials have been in talks in the past fortnight, reviewing the outcomes of fact finding missions on the economic viability of all oil pipeline routes, one backed by a Gulf Interstate Engineering study and French giant Total and the other supported by the Toyota Tsusho feasibility study backed by Tullow Oil Plc.

Kagame arrives for the summit today

Museveni and Kagame in brief talks today

Kenyatta leaves for Kampala

Kenyatta in Kampala, talks to Museveni

Here is a LIVE feed from the summit

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