Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Let's fix hole in Ava Mirembe's heart

Ava Mirembe was born with a hole in her heart. A funds drive has started in Uganda and abroad to support her parents take her to India for surgery, as recommended by doctors.

A funds-drive in Kampala, Uganda was launched last weekend. (CLICK HERE)

Her auntie in Kampala Uganda, posted this on facebook. An online fundraising drive, for those who can pay using PayPal, VISA credit and debit cards, has also been launched by friends in Europe.... CLICK HERE for website, and @Heart4Ava on twitter.

"Praying that God provides the resources we need to take her to India for open heart surgery come August. Through the kindness of friends and well wishers I believe we shall be able to raise the required USD20,000. AMEN"

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  1. Ava will live to see her full potential, with the grace of God.