Monday, 1 February 2016

Ambassadors in Uganda told to stop addressing govt through social media, warned about fake polls

Government spokesman Ofwono Opondo addressing the
 press in Kampala, Uganda today 
February 1 (Photos via @emmatinka)

Uganda has warned embassies in Kampala not "to meddle in our internal politics and elections as some are doing".

Spokesman Ofwono Opondo said government was unhappy with several activities they say are going on at embassies, including getting involved in releasing presidential polls results. 

Opondo said at a press conference on "Pre-Election Environment" today that Uganda seeks mutual respect to its sovereignty with internal laws, norms and practices. 

"Some embassies", he went on, " are planning to release sinister polls mid this week showing Dr.Besigye has overtaken Candidate Museveni to disrupt us."

He said the were also aware " a certain  embassy is opening a parallel tally centre on Entebbe road and govt will come in at appropriate time"

"We don't expect an Ambassador to address government through Facebook and Twitter. That's improper procedure," he charged.

"Government reiterates it's commitment to a transparent democratic path and elections will be held peacefully, " Opondo said at the media briefing in Kampala.

Ofwono reiterated government's position on media, elections and security - including the arrest yesterday of General Sejusa


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