Thursday, 4 February 2016

Did Jose Chameleon's shoes actually cost over sh40 million?

Recently named in the list of top 10 richest musicians in Africa, Joseph Mayanja Alias Jose Chameleone is one artist who likes showing the fruits of his hard work in music. You can remember mid last year this Ugandan super star showed off his  Escalade SUV, this is an evident reason that he is such a super baller.

So two days ago, he took it to Facebook to flaunt his new  2 pairs of Nike  Air Mag kicks. The Average price for the Nike Air Mag 2016 is Over $12,500 (nearly Uganda sh50million).

CLICK Here FOR the full story by Victor Mateso Tupu

I now certify that a lot of peopleIn our society have a very short Memory and further pay attention to things that don'...
Posted by DR. JOSE Chameleone on Tuesday, February 2, 2016


  1. This reminds me of a Ugandan who once bought a Rolex (the watch, not the K'la delicacy) worth $80,000. The same Ugandan bidded to buy ex-EPL team, Leeds United. It would be good to know where that Ugandan now languishes.....

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