Monday, 1 February 2016

Hip-hop is really inspiring when it is packaged like this

Youth at the 9th Uganda Hip-Hop for Society even.
All photographs by Pius Kibazzi. 

“Hiphop is really inspiring when it is packaged like this, especially with so many youth who are so talented and vibrant.”

The sentiments by Onen summarize the mood at the end of yet another successful event organized by Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU).

Sharing hall was filled Sunday January 31, 2016 to capacity for the 9th Hiphop For Society event #HH4S2016 , which presented a mix of entertainment, education and enterprise. The theme was cooperation, and it gave people an opportunity to network and learn from each other.

Yet again, the event was a mix of entertaining dance, rap and beat-boxing performances, competitions, and educational workshops and talks by partnering NGOs. 

“We come to these events to reach out to the youth, because our programs are targeting them. Such events attract a lot of useful attention for the youth. Uganda is made up of almost 70% youth and these are the people who are building our society in un-imaginable ways” said Paul Tinkaman, youth mentor at Educate!

Mathius Onen was also excited to attend. “I am having fun meeting new people, fresh faces and learning a lot about art and culture.” 

“When one sees people from all walks of life in one place, sharing together and cooperating, it is amazing. I attend the Breakdance Project Uganda events because they are youthful and so full of energy and also because most of my friends are involved in the breakdancing and rap,” said Henry Newman.

The year’s theme was cooperation, and it attracted a mixed crowd of different ages, races, economic, cultural and educational backgrounds. Not only did Hiphop For Society entertain the crowd, but it gave people an opportunity to network and learn from each other.

“The most important part of this event is not hiphop,” explained Abramz Tekya, Founder and Director of Breakdance Project Uganda. “We want to make sure people get access to information. We partner with organizations that youth do not think are cool, because they are important for development.” 

“This has been a wonderful experience for the children. The children love it and training was just awesome with people like Nina [Breakdance Project Uganda member] helping a great deal,” said Nichole Zweigler, Save Street Children Uganda volunteer. 

“We are so grateful for the opportunity to have been given a table in the tent, because we got to talk to a lot of people about what we do and the response was generally good. On top of the entertainment, there are great forces going on here. 

For example, there is energy, communication, more action, and so many new people from different cultures with different experiences to share. Everyone is happy or just having a good time and this kind of environment is important to our children. The kids like it here.” Zweigler added.


Free workshops and teaching by Bgirl Teresa from Sweden (dance), Street Lights Uganda (craft-making), Educate! (entrepreneurship), Capoeira Senzala (capoeira), The U.S. Embassy Information Resource Centre, etc.

Breakdance battles: kids, Bonnie & Clyde (male-female teams), and 5-on-5

Beatboxing: performances by incredible BPU-trained youth & young-adults

Rap performances by St. Nellysade, Snooty Fredo, Sylvester and Abramz, Zulu Nation and others\

Dance performances by: Save Street Children Uganda & EWAKA, People Concern Children’s Project, Flawsome crew of bgirls from BPU, and many cyphers (freestyle dance) by BPU members


Kids: Bboy Ivan from BPU Gulu branch and Bboy Hassan from BPU Kampala

Bonnie & Clyde: Drichiru Key and Naganzwa Eric Sama

5-on-5: BPU bboys Eric ‘Fullmoon’ Egesa, ‘Mosh Kakole’ Moses, Abdudallah Latif, Kyasi Smith and Kamya Michael

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