Monday, 22 February 2016

Rwanda's Kagame speaks strongly on Burundi

President Kagame speaking at the Burundi 
Independence celebrations in 2013 flanked by 
Burundi’s  President Nkurunziza

Rwanda's President Paul Kagame has taken to twitter to give strong views about the deteriorating situation in neighboring Burundi.

Kagame said that instead of dealing with the issues, including evidence of senseless killings that have put Burundi in a crisis, the government is diverting attention by blaming Rwanda. He said it seems the world has not learnt from the past.

"As usual ...when the toll will be finally counted and found to be too high and questions asked about responsibility to protect, simple answer will be
'we did not know'! Even for FDLR in Burundi 'we did not...' Read,'we did not want to know'!"

Over 400 people have reportedly died and thousands others fled the country with 80,000 of them seeking asylum in Rwanda.

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